"Now, I’m gonna tell you something today, and you might not know what to think of it now, but you’re gonna remember when you’re a full-grown man: Don’t sneak. Because if you sneak, like you did today, it means you think you’re doing the wrong thing. And if you run around spending your whole life thinking that you’re doing the wrong thing, then you’ll ruin your immortal soul."

"And out of all the things a father in 1959 could have told his gay son, my father tells me to be proud of myself and not sneak," Haggerty says.

-'Don't Sneak': Dad's Unexpected Advice To His Gay Son In The ’50s : NPR
And Lisa Evers, Street Soldiers, hung up on me live on air. Because I said they said—This is when Foxy Brown and Lil Kim had their little shootout in front of Hot 97 and they had us on the air. And I said ‘Y’all the ones that promoted that shit.’ All day long ‘Gun, gun, gun.’ All day long ‘Murder, murder, murder’…There’s something called a balance. In the morning when our kids are going to school that’s not the time to play ‘killing, shooting, nigga, bitch, and fuck.’ -KRS-One Bashes Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex & Angie Martinez | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX
Back then—not to take [away] nothing that’s going on now—you had to have lyrics to even get into a certain realm. To get Big’s attention and be recognized by [Jay Z], to Nas, to Wu[-Tang Clan], to Redman, Eminem, all of these dudes. Snoop [Dogg]. You had to have some lyrics. You can swag your way into the winner’s circle now. It’s nothing wrong with that. I am glad I came into the game at the time that I came in. It made me respect it more. If you didn’t have no firepower, they wouldn’t let you in at the time when we got in the show. -Eminem Called Jadakiss About “Time’s Up” Rhyme | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX

"Reelect JFK"
Computer Gaming World, April 1995 (#129)
Uploaded by CGW Museum
You are JFK; alive and well. Run for re-election! Bring Civil Rights! Solve your own assassination plot! Heal a zebra! Love your wife! Bless demons!

"Software Etc. - ‘Make Dad a Software Etc. Sega Superstar’"
EGM, June 1992 (#35)
Scanned by RetroMags, via EmuParadise
Father’s Day is this Sunday! So go get your dad some radical Sega swag from Software Etc.!

"Infogrames Puzzle Games" [Home Computers] [UK]"Welltris + The Light Corridor"
ACE, November 1990 (#38)
via World of Spectrum
Welltris: The hardly-known first sequel to the original Tetris; co-designed by Alexey Pajitnov himself!
The Light Corridor: A first-person puzzle game. Hey, Valve, 1990 called… they want their concepts back. Along with that touch-pad controller.

"Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties"
EGM, April 1995 (#69)
Scanned by RetroMags, via EmuParadise
The infamous, low-budget FMV adventure game about plumbers, pandas, chickens, race cars and a whole bunch of other nonsense that made you want to smash your $700 console.
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